About Us

We Changed and Transformed

“We’ve been around Since 1999. Evolving and Emerging with a New Way to Be of Service To Companies and Their People.

The things that really made a difference to our business was, our ability to Adapt to Change. Having experienced Massive Change in our Own Business, The method we used for ourselves and came through as The Change Catalysts is what we implement for our Clients today.

To Uncover, Discover, Recover Reinvent, Empower  Collaborate to Create Something Different has been at the very core of our Business Model.

To  Enhance, Enable, Empower requires Change. What  has worked well for us and our Clients who Celebrate their victory today. Their Teams Experience  more Engagement Enthusiasm and Empowerment That Energizes Everyone To Enjoy What they do Individually and Collectively.

We Are On A Continuous Mission

  • To Question Status Quo
  • To Ask what else can we explore?
  • What will create more for everyone?
  • To Choose to Change and Add Something New on a dime.

We started noticing

How people were disgruntle, there was stress, no happiness, no engagement, no enthusiasm, management of the companies trying to do their best to keep things and people up and running!

The Question that kept on popping up was.....

  • What if Maintaining Status Quo was not Contributing anymore? 
  • Were the People failing, Were the Systems failing?
  • Where were the Gaps, that were the traps? 

Welcome to focus direct Management Consultants where we are here to Bridge these Gaps and Eliminate Those Traps! 

We Create Engagement Models for Companies to Bridge Gaps where Engagement Transformation and Change are interlinked with enthusiasm and fun for all. Be it across Functions or Departments or Divisions across Geographies. If People are an integral part of your business, how is your business doing? How are your people showing up? What’s the Challenge? What can be Different? Will Change Be Your Priority?

“Change is Constant, we all know that, are we willing to Choose and Navigate to Create what works, is the question?"
 Jennifer Randive The Maverick CEO, Pioneering Change!






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