The Engagement Model

 Where People Engage As Ambassadors For The Business By Coming Together!



What Is The Engagement Model?

It's the ability to question, draw out, integrate and implement, through Your Most Valuable Asset Your People, who impact Projects, Productivity Performance and yes Profit and In that order

What's Not Working and Why?

More often than not, we image change as being far out and a herculean task, so we conclude why start? 

Question this, What is your current approach? Are all engaged? Or is it more desperation to achieve?

Something everyone may consider questioning

"if we are the ones who determined the approaches which, after trying to make them work still don't deliver, What then?"

Client Testimonial

What Changed?


The Engagement Model

The Engagement Model brings about impactful results. The Employee takes ownership of themself and what will create more to his/her team, division, company and clients Ambassadors Emerge

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"The Engagement Model made me more aware about all my undiscovered talents and abilities that helped me to engage dynamically with the team and business. "

Business Development Manager

"The course content was very well structured as per our needs. The energy during the sessions was mind blowing. I recommend Jennifer being on board to coach the employees at all levels as she is well-crafted in the art of taking a trainee with her on a ride where not only does one get educated but explores one’s own abilities and how to utilize them to the max."

Operations Manager

"Great Personal, Professional and Business Engagement Connectivity Resulting in Creativity Innovation Impactful Change and Transformation In the way I go forward. Learned how to eliminate “NO” to “KNOW”."

IT Division Manager

What Change Did The Engagement Model Create?

A Participant shares her views on The Engagement Model Designed and Implemented by focus direct Management Consultants for the Company. Engage, Enable, Empower, Enhancing Business Strategies Through Your People


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