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“What have you been looking for all this time? What if I told You that the what and who You are searching for has always been waiting for You to show up.

It's about Choosing to be the CEO-U The Curious Engaging Operator To Transform from where you are, to Be The Chief Empowerment Officer As You.

Are You willing to Be Awake Aware and Alive To Thrive? Or are you here just to Survive. Either way It's All About YOU.

What if You had the support You required for The Transformation you desired would you say that I am now hired?"

"Change is Constant, Changing is a Choice" ~ Jennifer Randive

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Any area of your life not working well for you? Your Career, Relationships, Money, Business or you just feel stuck?

Unlock to be more of you


Use quotes from real customers about the experience with your product.

Ibrahim Yafi
Management Consultant at Meirc Training & Consulting

Jennifer has this great ability of understanding the job requirements and matching the right candidate to it. She takes her time to ensure the right quality selection is made, and she does it with passion and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure working with her.

Farrukh Kidwai
Six Sigma Master Blackbelt

I am honored to recommend Jennifer Randive as a professional of the highest caliber. It is not fair for me to try to qualify her accomplishments or skill sets here, because this will limit the perspective of her true capabilities of placing Human Capitol by identifying clients’ needs and candidates’ wants. Jennifer goes an extra mile with ingenuity, innovation and creating opportunity for both client and candidate to create a Win Win situation. She is an ocean of knowledge when it comes to recruitment, head hunting and above all coaching. Personally I have learned a lot from her. I highly recommend Focus Direct Management Consultants to organizations who are looking for Excellence”.

Karuna Luthar
FCA (India), BA (Hons) Econ (India)

Jennifer has a wonderful ability to understand people, their emotions and their needs, and to translate this into action. One of the warmest people I have ever met, she combines her insight into human relations with the ability to lead and get things done. Her unending reserves of energy and creativity when taking forward her new ventures infect all of us with the same high level of enthusiasm!