Creating Value With Impact

Management Consulting

Inspiring Engagement That  Empowers Businesses and People

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What We Do?

Bridge The Business 2 People and People 2 Business Gaps to Eliminate The Traps.

Creating That Value Impact through and with People.

We Are Your Change and Transformation Consultants 

What's Our Approach?

"Happily Engaged and Empowered People Take Ownership To Achieve Outstanding Results!"

What if your People were more engaged with their work and really enjoyed what they did? Would that Transformation and Change contribute to the bottom line. Would that be a Celebration for all concerned?

Our CEO A Maverick Visionary

People are the life force of any company. People includes Everyone in the Company. From The Owner to the person who serves us tea and everyone in between

Are We All Engaged, Empowered and Proud to be there, while claiming and owning what we have acknowledged about ourselves and what we do?

"What if the Old Management Paradigm isn't working anymore, What are we willing to explore to choose and change that will create way more? ~ Jennifer Randive

Every Business has It's Unique Imprint. What's that for Your Business?

"The trend has been to focus on Processes a lot, what if there was more engagement with people who expedite the processes, What if they were involved with Contributing to the Creation of those processes? What difference would that bring about? ~ Jennifer Randive

"Looking at Engagement and Empowerment within is where competition seizes from the outside because there is way more creation on the inside" ~ Jennifer Randive

That is what we are here to facilitate as an Art. Are You Ready To Start? ~ Jennifer Randive

What Can We Contribute

Connect with us below.
Allow us to facilitate what you would like to create for all to celebrate!  

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Where Are We?

Focus Direct Management Consultants
Khalid Bin Waleed Road (Bank Street) - Dubai

Mob: 050 654 6238

Email: [email protected]


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