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The Mentoring Suite 

focus direct Management Consultants Offers

An Additional Value Added Service To It's Corporate Clients and Individuals alike!

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Why The Mentoring Suite NOW?


Have you ever wondered about what it is about you doing so much and yet not getting what you are working so hard towards? Especially NOW

Be it your job, your business, your relationships or all of the above. there seems to be a gap that makes you feel something's not quite right.

What is that for you? We have all heard the old adage "Try try try again if at first you don't succeed try try again" Is that working?,

So trying to change something with the same way of thinking that created what we are trying to avoid doesn't work  either. Right? 



When Does Mentoring Assist You?

Stressed don't know what's next?

With whatever is going on right now where do you focus, How do you focus? Can you focus, or are you being bombarded from all sides by your thoughts, feelings and emotions? So Where's the time for clarity then? How is that working for you? Is It?

What if instead of being pulled in all directions

You have clarity, quality, choice possibility all coming together to navigate with you. Would that be something that might just put a spark of Joy in Your LIfe and Everyone Else You Interact with?

What Is Going On?

Addressing subtleties in business, work and relationships is not common practice.They cannot be seen, yet are experienced. Pretty much like a ripple effect that goes through everything

That is true for emotions thoughts and feelings that we have constantly running producing the underlying operating system which determine our decisions and reactions we experience

Can This Be Changed?

The answer is YES! You are that catalyst, the change maker and we facilitate empowering you to be in the driver's seat of your own change and transformation. Our job is to help you eliminate emotional and mental sabotage to bring you to your own awareness to learn to trust your own knowing

Is It Time To Be A Grander Version of You?

You will get to change what's not working for you, and once you learn to change things on a dime, then transitioning to transform, it becomes second nature.


What Can The Mentoring Suite Do For You

The Mentoring Suite is designed to introduce you to you.

It assists you to get to know you better, it reveals your current way of functioning.

We call it in the mentoring suite The Operating System, We all have an Operating System. Question here is, is that Operating System working for You or against You?

As your mentor we assist you to become aware of the operating system. There is no right or wrong operating system, just the one that does or does not work for you.

We empower you to Change and Transform Your Operating System to work for you

You become aware about what it is that stops your own progress

It enables you to shift and change your approach bringing more ease in the way you show up in all situations

You transition to transform into becoming the CEO of Your LIfe and Living. The Conscious Empowering Orchestrator of your life and living

Does that appeal to you? Would you choose to be that difference that carries your brilliance?

Would you choose to be more of you and as a result start to become a valuable contribution to everyone around you?

When you are fulfilled, then and then can you fulfil anyone else. When you are full up can you fill someone else up.  Think about that for a moment

Is now the time for That Change You Have Been Looking For?

Are You Ready To Be That Amazingly Unique You, That No One Else Can Be. Just You!

What Will You Receive When You Join The Mentoring Suite?

1. One on One Sessions With The Facilitator on Zoom or in Person

2. Identify where you feel stuck

3. Connecting thoughts, feelings and emotions and how they shape your reality

3. Uncovering the underlying saboteurs that keep on repeating and you think you have no control of.

4. Tools and Techniques To Change what is not working for you.

5. Become more aware to what is truly going on, without becoming affected by it

6. Being present in the moment to make choices that will serve who you choose to be, what you do

You start to show up  being more engaged with you and as the CEO of Your LIfe and Living, The (Conscious Empowering Orchestrator} of Your LIfe and Living!

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The Mentoring Suite Your Empowerment Zone

Designed to bring about more clarity quality and speed to take inspired action. A self discovery process, enabling You to be more connected to you and what you do. You become much more effective and efficient as you and you become more joyful within you and what you do

Where and How Do You Start

You Call To Fix A Consultation. THIS IS FREE OF CHARGE

We conduct a Discovery Session with you

You can ask questions after the discovery session is over

Your discovery session will reveal your level of engagement to participate in the program

You then can be enrolled in the Mentoring Suite

If You choose not be enroll after the discovery session, you are welcome to use the discovery session finding to try and enhance yourself.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

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Meet Your Mentor

Jennifer Randive is the Maverick CEO of focus direct Management Consultants. People have always been at the forefront of whatever she does.

For a good 25 years, Jennifer was an Executive Search Consultant, In 2013, she experienced a massive shift in every way in her personal and professional life.

What and how she navigated the Change is what she helps facilitate for you.

Jennifer is a powerful blend of a Maverick, Mentor, Speaker, Energy & Consciousness Coach, Consultant An Author and A Podcast Host.

Going beyond the conventional methods using tools and techniques to catapult your growth to the next level

You get much more than you can imagine when Jennifer works with you 

She is the invitation to

  • Look beyond what you have defined yourself as or what your business is
  • To recognize yourself as a valuable contribution
  • To the discovery of your potential
  • Inspire you to see possibilities for you to step into
  • Engage to assist you to emerge empowered

She has been privileged to work with some of the most prestigious Government and Semi-Government, Private and International and Multinational companies, assisting them with their talent search.

Today she mentors these clients adding more value to their personal and professional lives.

She works with companies to bridge the gaps of engagement between people, management, teams, within organizations, which adds value to their performance both internally and externally.

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